Old shipping container
Old shipping container

Software rot, or bit rot, is a term to describe entropy causing a code base to degrade over time. The decay is usually in small ways that are non critical on their own but can add up to real problems over time if not dealt with. A similar problem can occur with Docker images that are not regularly maintained.

Docker images are supposed to be static and complete, so how can this be?

Let’s start by examining how a classical server setup in a mutable architecture environment might be setup. A server, virtual or otherwise, would run a full operating…

Keep quiet with your Docker secrets

It’s surprisingly easy to accidentally leak secrets in Docker images that require build time logins. By taking some care and following a few techniques, this can be avoided entirely.

Good micro-services design indicates that we should keep our stateless components separate from our stateful components and from our configuration. For example, you may have a web app service we’ll call WebApp developed as a Docker container.

The stateless part would be the code and files themselves inside the Docker image, that perhaps runs a process that serves out interactive WebApp. This app may need to hold information such as user…

Python is an extremely powerful programming language. The language itself includes just about every tool or feature you would need to develop anything from quick and dirty scripts, to powerful and fast servers, to awesome data visualizations.

The Python ecosystem, like most modern programming languages, includes a public repository of packages and tools, Pypi. Users typically use the pipcommand to interact with the Pypi repository, and to setup packages on their local systems. With no other configuration a user’s pip command will point to this public repository.

But what if you want to develop packages, but not publish to the…

When we first moved to the Sunshine State, we expected the warm weather and sunny days. We figured that going solar might be a good option. What we didn’t expect was — knock knock knock — that friendly neighborhood solar salesperson. Again.

We could get a tax credit if we buy the system, so we hear. It can slash, if not eliminate our power bill, we are told. If we aren’t ready for that big outlay, we can finance the setup. We can even just lease a system that’s installed on our roof through something called a PPA.

Seems like…

I tend to use a laptop as my primary workstation. I love the portability, but dislike that I’m pretty much stuck with the hardware my system came with. On occasion I would like to be able to run games on my laptop that the built in Intel GPU just can’t cope with.

Since most modern laptops come with a thunderbolt connection, it’s now possible to use an external GPU to give a laptop more oomph. In Ubuntu this is pretty straightforward, but not exactly 100% plug and play.

How we can expect things to work

What I would like to be able to do is use this…

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